Pandenomics Revisited – Podcast

Back in April 2020, only a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, I published a report entitled “Pandenomics – 15 Ways that Covid-19 could change the world”, with a subsequent spinoff for the CEPR’s VoxEU.  Now that the pandemic is thankfully in retreat, I was delighted to be invited by Gabriel O’Brien of Chief Disruptor Live on a podcast (link here) to take stock of these themes.

In the podcast I outline how they are still playing themselves out, with the global disruption from Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine giving them additional spin. We discuss the evolving role of big government, deglobalisation, and technology. An overarching theme is the need to go beyond traditional data-driven risk management techniques to navigate radical uncertainty.


About markcliffe

Board Advisor and Thought Leader on the impact of disruptive change. Former Chief Economist of ING Group
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