About Me

Mark CliffeI am a part-time Senior Advisor at KPMG, and a Board Advisor and Economic Consultant. I was previously Chief Economist of the ING Group, a global financial services group with 39 million customers.

From my long experience as a macroeconomic forecaster, I have learnt the value of drawing on diverse expertise to develop and share deeper understanding of the unprecedented disruptive changes that we all face.

I am dedicated to delivering value by helping people to make better decisions. And since all financial decisions, and not just investments, depend on a view of the future, this means confronting the strengths and weaknesses of conventional economic forecasting methods. They are too often a fair weather friend, failing to predict the storms that lay waste to finely laid plans. That is why I have sought to build and draw upon a network of experts on the rapidly evolving and interacting transformations in the environment and climate, society and politics, technology and consumer behaviour, and economic policy and regulation.

I have been fortunate to meet many smart people along the way, helping me to develop strategic, innovative and practical insights. Recent examples range from addressing large scale balance sheet risks from climate change, through advice on scenarios for the post-pandemic world, to proposing small but swiftly-impactful behavioural nudges to client communications. In the process, I have enjoyed advising the boards of a number of think tanks and business networks, as well as reaching mass audiences with thought leadership thorough global and local media channels.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Kevin says:

    What school of economic thought do you affiliate yourself with and what was your PhD dissertation on?

    • markcliffe says:

      I’m a Cambridge MA so if I have an affiliation I have to say it would be Keynesian. I’m also a great admirer of more recent economists in a similar vein such as Minsky.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks! I am currently working on my Masters dissertation (Peking University – China) on chief economists of about 50-60 global firms, including yours, and will be reaching out to you about some generic info if that is OK with you. Regards.

  3. Hi Mark, I heard you talk at a recent event at the FS Forum on the Circular Economy. It was a great talk, I’m also loving your blog. I would like to include quotes from the talk into a report I’m writing on the future of ethical banking. Happy to tell you more if you mail me on miriamrayman at gmail dot com.
    Thanks a mill,

  4. Hi Mark,
    We met at the Oriel College Oxford Christmas reception a few days ago, and discussed, I think, green taxonomy and sustainability. It would be great to continue the conversation.
    Merry Christmas,
    Dr Paul K Hatchwell

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